What is a student referral?

Student referral is a legal basis for work through a student service agency, so it is a must. It has to be issued before you start your student job and it must be available at the location where you work. If not, your work is considered undeclared, which is a criminal offence.

You can have multiple issued referrals for different companies.

How to order a referral?

You can order a referral*:

When ordering a referral, please state: your last name and first name, date of birth, your employer, type of your work, place of work.

*This applies to Mjob members only. If are not one of us yet 😊, just click and enrol. It’s so easy!

For how long can you work via a student referral?

As long as you are a secondary school or university student. However, should you start a regular job during your studies, you will lose the possibility to work through a student referral.