How to find a student job?

Browse through job offers available on Mjob website: https://www.mjob.rs/prosta-dela/.

Once you find an interesting one, you can get information about the employer, contact information, and other details in:

We can e-mail you or SMS you about new vacancies of your choice, if you decide so during Mjob enrolment.

What about payment for my work?

Mjob covers almost all student earnings. This means that we transfer money to your bank account, as soon as you complete your work and we receive a filled-out referral from the company. We always keep our members informed about their earnings.

We will inform you about your payments:

  • via SMS (when we transfer the money, you receive a message to inform you about it),
  • via e-mail (when we transfer the money, you receive an e-mail),
  • via Moj Mjob app, where you can access all of the information on your earning, income tax, etc.
  • by phone if you call one of our branch offices,
  • personally, if you visit one of our branch offices.

Hourly rate for student work, pension and disability insurance, advance payment on the income tax

The minimum statutory hourly rate amounts to € 4.89 gross.

Hourly rate for student work can differ a lot as it depends on several factors, such as region, type of work, advertisements and vacancies and time of year (season, special events, holidays, vacations …).

Know also that from each transfer a contribution for pension and disability insurance is deducted in the amount of 15.5% of the gross. This contribution counts towards pensionable service. And the record of it is kept by the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZPIZ).

For non-residents of Slovenia, advance payment of personal income tax in the amount of 22.5% is deducted from each earning. If Slovenia and the country from where you come from, have signed a double taxation agreement, you may receive a part of the advance payment of your personal income tax (up to the amount of € 825.67 refunded in 2019). The list of valid international treaties is available on the following link: International Taxation.

To get part of the advance payment of personal income tax refunded, you will need original residence certificate from your home country. Submit it to FURS (Financial Administration of The Republic of Slovenia) together with a request for a refund of tax (KIDO 12 – after payment) or a request for exemption of tax (KIDO 4 – before payment).

If you intend to remain in Slovenia for a longer period and wish to become a resident of Slovenia, you can apply to become a resident at FURS. Once you received a residence permit, bring it to one of our branch offices and advance income tax will no longer be deducted from your earnings.

Student payment

Gross, net, VAT, contributions ... Here you can easily check how your payment is calculated.

Net Payment
Non-resident student's payment
Gross amount on the referral 0
Amount on the invoice without VAT
Amount on the invoice with VAT
Prispevki PIZ študenta
Akontacija dohodnine
Prispevki delodajalca
Koncesijska dajatev
Dodatna koncesijska dajatev
Prispevek za poškodbe pri delu in poklicne bolezni
Prispevki PIZ delodajalca
Prispevek za ZZ