How can I enrol in student service agency Mjob?

Membership in Mjob is free of charge and at the same time brings benefits.

If Slovene language isn’t an obstacle for you, you can simply enrol online. First register in Moj Mjob app, where you can see job details (such as company and contact information), and then request a membership.

If Slovene language is not your strong point, we recommend that you write to us, call us, or visit us at the nearest Mjob office. Find our nearest branch office: https://www.mjob.rs/poslovalnice-mjob/.

What documents do I need to enrol in Mjob?

To register and work via student service agency Mjob, you will need:

  • personal identity document,
  • Slovenian personal bank account number (BCA),
  • uniform citizen identification number, EMŠO (submit an application at the Administrative unit),
  • Slovenian tax identification number (issued by tax administration office),
  • evidence of student status (certificate of enrolment or a student ID card with a valid sticker).

Do I have to renew my Mjob membership every year?

To work via a student referral, you must extend your status every school/academic year. Just send us a certificate of enrolment for a new school/academic year or your student ID card with a valid sticker. You can drop it off in one of Mjob offices, send it by regular mail or e-mail, or submit it in online app Moj Mjob.