What is student work?

Student work is a temporary and occasional form of employment that can be pursued during the course of their education by university students, secondary school students, adult learners (part-time students), elementary school pupils of age over 15, who enrolled in secondary school.

At student service agency Mjob, we publish information about job offers on our website, in an online app Moj Mjob, in branch offices, and we also inform students about them directly via SMS or e-mail.

You can submit an ad for a student job:

Hourly rate, concession fee and contributions on gross earnings for student work

The minimum statutory hourly rate amounts to € 4.89 gross.

From each student transfer, a contribution for pension and disability insurance is deducted in the amount of 15.5% of the gross. A non-resident of Slovenia is also subject to a personal income tax advance, but in the amount of 22.5%.

hourly rate

Gross amount on the referral100.00%€ 100.00
Student contribution for pension and disability insurance15.50 %€ 15.50
Student’s net income84.50%€ 84,50
Concession fees
Concession fee16.00%€ 16.00
Additional concession fee2.00%€ 2.00
Employer’s social contributions
ZPIZ-2 (pension and disability insurance)8.85%€ 8.85
ZZVZZ (health insurance)6.36%€ 6.36
ZZVZZ (flat-rate contribution for occupational accidents and diseases)0.53%€ 0.53
Concession fees + employer’s social contrib.33.74%€ 33.74
Employer’s charges excluding VAT133.74%€ 133.74
VAT on concession fees and employer’s social contributions22.00%€ 7.42
Employer’s charges including VAT141.16%€ 141.16

Are there working restrictions for student work?

The provisions of the Employment Relationships Act, which regulate working hours, breaks, and rests in Slovenia, apply to secondary school students and university students as well.

Students can work maximum 40 hours per week. In case of increased workload, a student over the age of 18 may occasionally work 10 hours a day, but this is an exception.

Does an employer have to pay for student’s break, daily allowance, and other costs?

An employer is obliged to pay the student their break (see ZDR-1, article 211, paragraph 7 for details). This means that, in case of an 8-hour working day, a 30-minute break is part of the working time.

However, an employer is not obliged to pay daily subsistence allowance to the student. Slovenian legislation does not provide for the reimbursement of daily allowances, accommodation, and other additional costs for student work. The same applies for mileage.

The agreement on the amount of student payment and their costs coverage should be made between a student and a company.

Do students have to undergo a medical examination prior to the beginning of student work?

Where workers are not threatened with a special health hazards or special risks, it is sufficient to submit a medical certificate obtained by a student within program of preventive healthcare for students (if examined in the last 5 years).