What is a student referral?

A student referral is a legal basis for working through a student service agency, so it is a must. It is a substitute for the employment contract, so it is not necessary to conclude additional contracts with the student.

Yu can order a referral:

Important: Students must be members of Mjob to receive a referral from us. The membership is free and beneficiary to them. If a student in your case is not a member yet, please provide him with the following instructions for enrolment.

Send Mjob enrolment instructions

When do I have to order a referral?

A student referral is the legal basis for work through a student service agency and has to be ordered before the work starts. Otherwise the student’s work is considered undeclared and the student will not be able to claim compensations in case of an accident. Moreover, in case of an inspection, both student and their employer will be penalized. A monetary penalty for such offence is high. 

For how long can a student work via a student referral?

As long as they have a student status valid.

How do I submit a confirmation of work completed?

The easiest way to calculate students’ working hours is within Mjob’s online app ePoslovalnica. If you have not done so yet, request access to ePoslovalnica or download student work calculation sheet.

You can deliver calculation to us:

  • by regular mail, addressed to one of our branch offices,
  • personally, at one of our branch offices,
  • via fax,
  • via e-mail.