What is ePoslovalnica?

ePoslovalnica is Mjob’s online office, in which companies can perform their calculations and administration of student work. It provides simplified, fast, and reliable calculations of student work, reduces paper‑based bureaucracy, and facilitates the work of your employees.

ePoslovalnica enables:

  • easier calculation of student working hours,
  • constant overview of financial operations,
  • ordering referralsor finding job candidates,
  • paying the student the same day you confirm the invoice,
  • full overview of student work within your company,
  • entering cost centres, which will make the work easier for your accounting department,
  • cost control of student work,
  • notifications and up-to-date informationon legislative amendments and hourly rates,
  • keeping records on students,
  • work statistics management according to various criteria.

Request for access to ePoslovalnica by filling in this online form or by sending the name of the company, first and last name of the contact person, phone number, and e-mail to kranj@mjob.si.